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A digital toy camera at last! 


Last summer I was heading for Europe for the first time in several years.  Somehow I just couldn't seem to face dealing with the TSA anymore and I grumbled "I wish someone would make a digital Holga."  Hours later, a colleague e-mailed me a link to a newly released digital toy camera.

It's called the JOCO VX5 and it's made in Singapore.   It doesn't have the square shape of the Holga or Diana, but it definitely is a toy camera.  It has a plastic lens, it vignettes, and the greatest proof, it sure takes getting used to!   Just like any toy camera, you need to fight it for awhile until you understand it, and once you and it are on the same page, things start to happen.  This was the first JOCO image I made that I liked.



And the rest flowed from that.