Susan Hacker Stang is an American photographer, author, and educator. She retired in 2015 after forty-one years as professor of communications at Webster University in St. Louis.  Her work has been collected by more than 25 major museums and libraries around the world and appears in numerous books and magazines.

  Susan Hacker Stang               © Theo R. Welling

Stang's photography characteristically employs alternative cameras (such as the Olympus Pen-FT half-frame camera, the Kodak Brownie, the Holga, and the JOCO VX5), or alternative techniques (such as Polaroid emulsion transfer).  Currently she uses a HolgaDigital.

Stang majored in photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned both a BFA (1971) and MFA (1974), studying under photographers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind.  In 1971 she re-located for one year to London where she worked as a photographer for the cutting-edge British fashion magazine NOVA.   In 1974 she joined the faculty of Webster University in St. Louis, where she helped found and build the photographic studies program in the School of Communications. For several years she taught during the summer at The Darkroom in Florence, Italy.

 In 2007 she published a book of Polaroid emulsion transfers, Encountering Florence/Firenze un Incontro. The book’s bi-lingual text presents accompanying word-portraits from well-known authors in their own encounters with the city.

 Kodachrome – End of the Run: Photographs from the Final Batches, co-edited by Stang (2011), features photographs from among the final rolls of Kodachrome ever processed.  In 2012, she curated a set of notecards for Chronicle Books, Kodachrome Notes, another selection of images from those historic final batches.

In 2016, she published a limited edition book entitled reAPPEARANCES (a numbered edition of 500 copies).  The book is a sequence of fifty-two photographs that takes the viewer on a journey through the uncanny coherence of the look of the world.  The volume was funded through a Kickstarter campaign.  There are a small number of copies still available. (See reAPPEARANCES tab, if interested in purchasing a copy.)